25 ideias sobre “A New Regime

  1. Tyrik Flood-Feaster

    In the comic green arrow tried to reason with superman but when he
    indirectly shot superman’s dad superman beat him to death.

  2. Shawnee Longbow

    This game showed Superman for what he really is…A petulent child with way
    too much strength. Pretty much a toddler with a loaded gun.

  3. alphen craftian

    green arrow died first trying to explain it to superman. only harley and
    joker’s club,lex,slade,grayson joined the insurgency,the ones coming from
    the original dimension were not part of the insurgency,they were just
    helping them,tho grayson died 2nd by the hands of damian wayne

  4. Randy Ortiz

    This has to be one of the most annoying trailers for a upcoming video
    Nothing but the voice and a flag.

  5. Trencher1375

    Yeah this is kind of obviously an evil empire. Unoriginal I say but sadly
    people suck this kind of message up. Anyone trying to bring law and order
    is secretly a closet fascist and people who strike from the shadows are the
    good guys. It is anti authoritan just because it is “cool and edgy.”

  6. killerpigeons117

    Or I also heard it could a justice lords storyline. Batman for some reason
    gets transported to another dimension and the whole dictator Justice league
    thing is happening.

  7. WFSW32

    He does now. He isn’t perfect. I’ve heard that Joker shoots Lois Lane in
    the baby leading Superman to lose his shit.

  8. Acuzzam

    I’m okay with the idea of my favorite DC character (Superman) being a
    dictator in this game and all. But the one who is talking can’t bem
    Superman, “the ones who call themselves heroes”? He would never say that. I
    think its Lex Luthor. But it doesnt matter, this is going to be a great

  9. DolbyD1G1TAL

    Yes, Superman does compromise his morals for the sake of order. And also,
    if Batman did, why isn’t he a… I don’t know, uuh a FUCKING lawyer?!

  10. Nathan Jones

    Superman is a nice guy until you get on his bad side. He rather not kill
    anyone but if it’s someone who means to destroy the earth Superman probably
    isn’t going to let him live. Superman really only lets humans live because
    they don’t have enough capacity to destroy the whole world.

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